Artist Bio

Artist Bio

Ingrid Webster, alias i2, has a background in fine arts, graphic arts and design. Receiving her High School Diploma from what would be comparable to a Magnet School for art, she went on to sell her calligraphy, visual art and design throughout high school, as well as during her time in college and beyond.

One of the requirements to complete the art & design specialized high school education, was to enter a 6 month internship at a place of the student’s choice. Ingrid opted to spend that time at the local stage theater, a venue for plays, comedy, opera and concerts. There she was assigned to the scenery and stage design, so she learned valuable skills along with exciting and different perspectives.

After coming to the United States, getting married and giving birth to her son, Ingrid worked as a custom framing consultant and calligraphy teacher at the Delray Art Center, then still located on Federal Highway.


Ingrid Webster, aka i2

Later on, Ingrid worked as a freelance designer for a lapel pin company for a couple of years, but found her passion in designing and repairing pearl jewelry. That didn’t keep her from practicing her graphic and calligraphy skills, and she created her now legendary “CertifiCards™”. At first this was something she made as gifts for friends, but later they became an addition to her gift shop merchandise.

She has stayed loosely connected with art and design without so much as an interruption – if it wasn’t creating, it was viewing and admiring other artist’s work. Keeping updated on the latest trends and techniques, she had been interested in digital art since its emergence.

Ingrid’s hobby takes her back to her roots, where she continues to create and enjoy different forms of art.

We all need to relax and recharge, so doing something outside of daily chores is a special blessing. Ingrid sees art as the perfect catalyst for energy, the best cure for temporary blues.

Her business is repair and restoration of pearl and bead items: from cherished costume pieces to fine pearl jewelry, as well as all fashion accessories.

Of course her life goal is to promote kindness, and bringing the Love & Peace Society™ to a new level.

But apart from joining her idealistic views, be sure and follow Ingrid’s work. There will be more pieces to come as time allows, being fed by her highly caffeinated cornucopian mind.


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